Crocodiles in Australia

In Australia, you can meet two types of crocodiles. Ones are inhabited in freshwater and are called “freshies”. Freshwater crocodiles are not dangerous unless you make them angry. It means if you will keep distance and do not disturb them you are saved. These smaller quite friendly buddies have bad big brothers “salties” which you can mostly find in salt waters (but not only!). They usually live in creeks near the ocean, but they can travel hundreds of kilometers to the midland. Saltwater crocodiles are bigger (can grow up 7 meters) and very dangerous if you are not careful enough they can have you for the dinner before you even spot them!

Our experience with Jumping crocodiles tour

On the way from Kakadu National Park to Darwin, we had stopped near Adelaide river for a breathtaking experience – jumping crocodiles tour!

There are few companies, which operate close to Darwin. We had chosen the tour The Original Jumping Crocodile Cruises. (with big crocodile statue in front of the building). The tour runs every day from 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. You can choose between two types of boats – for more adventures low Pathfinder and double-deck Adelaide River Queen. The boat takes you for an unforgettable one hour tour along the river.

Jumping crocodile in Australia Darwin

We have seen many crocodiles during our tour, I was surprised by how many crocodiles there are! The guide was very knowledgeable as well as entertaining and made we did get to see the crocodiles jump up! He put a piece of meat on one side of a long stick and then we were waiting for a crocodile to jump. We have seen about 7 crocodiles, one was even 7mestres long and then we had spotted also a baby crocodile, which was really cute. I really recommend this experience!

The price for the tour was 30$ per person and for the experience was every dollar worth it!

Pathfinder boat (picture from official tour website)
Adelaide River Queen (picture from official tour website)

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